What is Zumbini and is it Right for Mom and Children?  


Benefits of Zumbini

Zumbini nurtures the natural curiosity of children and engages them through rhythm, which is all around. A baby already feels rhythm from the heartbeat of his mom. At whatever age, music and rhythm is something that people all respond to. A Zumbini class creates the perfect setting to explore dance and music. It offers a fun, safe and stimulating environment filled with music and movement to nurture the natural musical talents of a child and allow mom or dad to bond together with their babies.

Zumbini is also meant to introduce children to an active and healthy lifestyle. Starting them at a young age to live an active life is very important. The more kids are encouraged to dance around and the more they have fun doing it, the more likely they will continue to stay active when they grow up. It’s well known how Zumba dance sessions are described as exercise in disguise. Well, Zumbini is exercise hidden in play. It’s a fitness-meets-fun program that stimulates early childhood learning by nurturing a child’s natural cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.

So, should you enroll in a Zumbini class? From the list of benefits above, you can see Zumbini is right for every mom and child up to 3 years old. It’s a super fun workout and bonding time that adults and kids will surely enjoy. You can take advantage of free introductory sessions by Zumbini instructors to discover how much fun Zumbini can be.


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