So You’re Having Twins: It Doesn’t Mean Two of Everything


Encourage Individuality

Babies have personalities. It may not seem so, especially when they’re too young to make out your face and they don’t eat different flavors of food, but they do have preferences and those preferences develop quickly as they develop themselves. Encouraging their individuality at a young age will help your twins explore who they are as they grow up and avoid identity crisis.

  • When you notice that one of your babies likes to lay in the crib and the other likes to be held more often, encourage that individuality.
  • As they get older, learn about the flavors of food that they like and give them their favorites, instead of feeding them the same thing.
  • Notice the toys that your twins enjoy playing with and encourage time alone to play separately.
  • It’s extremely tempting, but dressing alike stops being cute when your children begin to learn their own style. This may take a few years but when it happens, don’t fight it.
  • Try to spend time with each of your babies individually. Get to know them as the unique people that they are.

Don’t Force It

Any two children who are the same age and grow up together are likely to be very close. They’ll snap and fight over the little things and they’ll have their issues but, in the end, they are each other’s first friend and closest sibling. While it is important to encourage their separate interests, it’s also important to let them cultivate that close friendship. Throughout their lives, your twins will have each other. They may be two separate people but they share everything, including the womb. Let them be close and let them be friends and, as long as they know that it’s okay to have separate lives, they will grow into individuals that you will be proud of.


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