So You’re Having Twins: It Doesn’t Mean Two of Everything


Two BabiesDiscovering that you’re having twins automatically induces visions of the extra things that you’ll have to buy and the twice as many diapers that you’ll have to change. It’s hard not to think that twins will mean two of everything but that’s not the whole story. Even if you’re expecting identical twins, it won’t be long until they show different attitudes and personalities. Having twins means bringing two different people into the world. They may grow up together and have the same birthday or similar interests, but they are each their own person.

Observe the Similarities

As soon as you bring your little ones home you’ll smile and coo at their adorable similarities. They’ll wave at you at the same time or fall asleep hugging each other and you won’t be able to get enough. There’s nothing wrong with your twins loving each other and being attached to each other but you should also keep an eye on these similarities and habits. They can be signs of separation anxiety setting in. It’s important to notice these things and try to combat separation anxiety early. It will be more difficult to break the habit later in life.


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