If you’re going to fly with a baby, this may be a good idea! #GoingViral


We may have to try this one out!  Offering candy, ear plugs and a kind note to strangers aboard your flight is hysterical and genius.




  1. This is… awful. It sounds cute and all, but what are we telling society? That we need to come forth with some sort of offering, just for taking our children out amongst the people? I will do everything in my power to keep my child happy and controlled while traveling. But I am not responsible for the ability of other adults to interact with maturity and patience in society. Parents should be focusing on their children, trying to keep them entertained or settled, or, if they are old enough, teaching them how to behave in public. We shouldn’t be trying to coddle others.

    My family should be free to fly together without feeling like we should apologize in advance for being out in public. So I will do my best to be a good parent. Everyone else can do their best to be decent human beings.

  2. I can not believe that society now expecty parents to bribe adults when they want to travel with their children. You are an adult traveling at your choice. If you do not like children crying on a plane or bus, then you pack the earplugs. Why must I provide them? What lesson does this teach our children? That they have no rights to express their pain or frustration with something that they do not understand or feel comfortable with?

    As a parent, I will try sooth and calm my baby girl down, but if her ears hurt because of the pressure or she is anxious because of the confined space, I explore her to express that so that I can comfort her.


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