Your value and mindset are GOLDEN — Thank you mom!


lächelnde junge frau mit schwarzer brille“If you say you are something, then you are.”
Don’t let other people define it for you (outside approval), change that, or decide that for you.

You OWN that power, don’t let someone else.

As a momma, what you believe about yourself and what you tell your kids about themselves MATTER GREATLY. Have a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. YOU CAN LEARN AND BE GREAT AT ALL THINGS.


Story: When I graduated high school (with honors), I did not have a graduation party. I did not have friends and family giving me a cake and balloons and sending me gifts and checks and those cute little inspirational books & stuffed animals. I actually went to another friend’s high school graduation party, while everyone celebrated her with the balloons, the cake, the picture taking, and a blessing was spoken over her.

To the outside world that sounds pretty sad and disappointing for me.
In my world, my mom and brother and I were so thrilled for my accomplishments in school, the mark I would make in the world, and getting accepted to a prestigious college in Nashville & stepping out of my little small town! I was a beautiful, talented, young lady and I knew that internally and in the parts where it matters in my core and in my value and my worth. (thank you mom).

Don’t get me wrong, I was still a teenager! Having no big hoopla celebration and attention sucked and was hurtful. But, that inner dialogue and foundation of strength and my value was nonstop talked about and affirmed to me. ( hank you mom). It’s that inner dialogue and worth that is the true asset and roots of a person. (thank you mom)

You don’t need outside validation to prove your YOU-NESS. You don’t need outside validation to tell you that you are a great mom. You don’t need outside proof and evidence that your kids are valuable and smart and awesome! IF YOU SAY SO, THEN IT IS! SERIOUSLY!


If you say:
I am a great cook
I am a yogi
I am a social advocate
I am a dancer
I am a writer
I am an artist
I am a musician
I am a photographer
I am a speaker
I am a healer
I am a runner
I am a comedian
I am a winner

WHATEVER it is. OWN it and BE it and DO it, if it brings you joy and it’s from your soul. Let your kids feel that value and teach them that mindset. It sets the roots for everything else that branches from them.

If I say I’m a dancer and 100 other people dance better than me or have a more formal education in dance than me —-that doesn’t define if I’m a dancer or decide for me if I’m a dancer, and that doesn’t determine my value as a dancer. Feel me?

There are endless examples.

Go read stories and listen to people share their stories that empower your mindset.

Outside sources don’t decide your dreams, talents, & value.

The popular singer Big Sean (who is on tour with Kanye West) and how he started out.

He treated rap like a business since he was 12. Every day after school he showed up at freestyle battles & did the work to become a signed artist.

Go read about Tori Kelly after she finished that music reality show and did her own YouTube stuff, and she didn’t want to sign with any labels or management.

Read about Rosie Perez, and how she was in foster care & how she became a actress, Latino activate, & Broadway star.

Read about Carole Dweck and her growth mindset research. Reach out to and surround yourself with people who practice claiming their value from within. Your inner compass knows best and it is the best gift you can give your child and yourself!


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