Are We There Yet: 6 Tips for Traveling With Kids Without Losing Your Mind


4.  Travel Trivia & Other Car Games.  Technology is great and we certainly allow our girls to watch DVDs on the longer car rides but we also try to incorporate memory games, skill building activities (like colors and shapes), and trivia questions. Sometimes, we make up our own questions, other times, we look on the Internet for examples.  There are many websites and Apps out there that will provide you with fun, interactive car activities.  (For our family, the old fashioned “I Spy” continues to be a favorite).

5.  Family Sing-A-Long.  Kids music is the worst.  Now, I will admit that there are times when we crank up “Elmo’s World” on Pandora because after 7 hours in the car the toddler is delirious and it’s either Elmo or screaming.  Elmo always wins.  But typically, we try to burn CDs of music or create playlists on our iPods that we (my husband and I) like that is also family-friendly.  Because of this practice, our girls have  an eclectic taste in music.  You can hear them singing along to Pearl Jam one minute and Katy Perry the next.  Not all pop music on the radio is appropriate for our girls but some of it is and by creating our own playlists we not only control what they listen to, we ensure that we like what is playing through the speakers, too.

6.  Family Stories.  Car trips are an awesome time for uninterrupted family bonding.  My husband and I tell stories of our childhood and family members and allow our daughters to ask us questions about “what it was like when we were little”. Sometimes, the questions are difficult but too often, my husband and I have learned about each other (and our in-laws) through the stories and memories we share with our daughter on the back country roads of the great state of Georgia.

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lk herndon is a mother, writer, teacher whose debut children’s book, “Petunia”, has just been released on Amazon.

Shaped by her experiences growing up Southern, lk herndon tells sweet and simple stories. She earned her BA in Political Science, her MFA in Creative Non-Fiction and has spent more than a decade teaching high school subjects such as: AP Language and American Literature, Honors World Literature, World History, and American History.

While her days are spent in the classroom, the balance of time is spent as Mama to her Monogram Mafia (alongside her very favorite partner-in-chaos, former high school sweetheart and now husband of nearly seven years, BJ). Sneaking in time to write between the snuggles and squeals, lk herndon graces the world with a sneak peek into real life adventures sprinkled with overgrown imaginations and uncommon sense.

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