Why Cinnamon Should be your New Best Friend


cinnamonThere are many herbs and condiments that find a place in an Indian kitchen and many times we just add them blindly into the food we’re cooking. Most herbs and condiments have a lot of health benefits most of us are unaware of and should be part of our diet a lot more graciously.

Cinnamon is one such spice which offers not just great aroma and taste to the food but also has a lot of health benefits for the body and its medicinal properties have been celebrated for thousands of years.

Top health benefits provided by cinnamon and why you should have this incorporated in your diet ASAP:

Regulate Blood Sugar — One of the best medicinal properties of cinnamon is that it helps reduce the risk of high sugar as well as heart diseases in patients. In only six weeks, there is a considerable reduction in high blood sugar and it is particularly affective in fighting against type 2 diabetes. Having around 6 grams of cinnamon a day reduces the glucose LDL cholesterol and other harmful agents and hence drastically reduces the risk factor of cardiovascular diseases as well as keeps diabetes in check.

Enhances Brain Cognition — Cinnamon is a great spice for the brain as well as its aroma has a positive correlation to better cognition. It helps improve the motor functions as well as improves the attention span. Even focus seems enhanced which is one of its best properties. However what is really astonishing is that administrating cinnamon after a trauma prevents the brain cells from swelling and helps the brain heal. This is by far one of the best health benefits of cinnamon.


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