When Parents Feel They Don’t Get Respect From Their Children and Teens


RespectParents frequently complain that they don’t feel respected by their children beginning at about age 2 and climbing high into the teens. Complaints range from not being listened to or ignored to being cursed at or yelled at. Those are actions or behaviors that parents interpret as disrespect.

Behaviors that parents deem respectful often include saying please and thank you, listening attentively, complimenting the parent for something they’ve done for the child, and generally acting in a pleasant manner toward the parent.

However, while parents generally focus on behavior,  the actual definition of respect is a positive feeling of admiration or high regard for a parent showing esteem. Respect can be a specific feeling of high esteem for the specific qualities of parents. It’s interesting because while the word is used easily in reference to behavior it actually means a feeling.

So, if parents seek respect, they need to be inclined to pay attention to the feeling and intention behind the child’s behavior to evaluate if they are being respected which is using Parental Intelligence.


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