What To Do When Your Child Informs You She Wants To Be Famous


You are sitting on the couch watching your favorite T.V. show when your five- year- old daughter comes in and tells you that she wants to be a famous movie star when she grows up. You know that is unlikely, but you don’t want to just squash that dream as soon as she tells you about it, do you? Of course not! But there are a lot more career options than just fame and fortune. So how do you encourage kids to follow their dreams while still helping them keep their options open?

When Your Kids Want FameNever Say Never 

Never tell them they won’t be able to do something, instead, encourage them to “dabble” in it a little and learn about the industry. Kids believe what adults tell them. Instead of telling your child that it is impossible, tell them to learn everything they can about that industry. They will need to to start preparing now if they want any sort of performing career later.

Don’t Lie

When you hear that your daughter wants to become the next Hannah Montana, telling her that she has a long road ahead of her is just as important as encouraging her to learn about the movie industry. You don’t have to say that it will be too much work, or that it is almost impossible, but it is important that you do not “candy coat” the amount of work and determination it will take for her. Many of the career paths popular among kids and teens require a lot of hard work, determination and will involve a lot rejection. Gently let them know the realities without completely crushing their dreams.


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