What Kids Don’t See


Every mom fears being a bad mom. It is an area of insecurity that we all have in common. Just this week, for example, I was almost in tears as I wrapped my daughter’s birthday presents on the morning of her birthday {because I am forever running behind} with masking tape {because I am forever unprepared.}

e, e, s

I looked at the hastily wrapped gifts and thought, “This is certainly no Pinterest-worthy birthday.” My efforts seemed feeble and, well, slightly pathetic. As I carried my meager offering down the hallway, however, my little girl began grinning from ear to ear. She began jumping up and down with excitement. Later that day, she declared it “an awesome day.”

Do you want to know what I realized? Kids don’t see what we see.


Kids don’t see a last minute wrapping job. They see gifts bought especially for them.

Kids don’t see your extra pounds or laugh lines. They see a mom who loves them and takes care of them.

Kids don’t see the mountains of dirty laundry. They see a mom who chooses, some days, to play instead of do chores.

Kids don’t see your paycheck or lack thereof. They see someone who is everything they want to be when they grow up.

Kids don’t see a working mom, a stay at home mom, a single mom, a divorced mom. They just see mom.

We, as moms, look at ourselves and see every mistake, missed opportunity and mishandled moment. What if, for just a moment, we stopped focusing our attention on the things that our kids don’t even see.

What if we saw what they saw?

What if we weren’t so dang hard on ourselves all. of. the. time?

Maybe, if we saw what our kids saw, Pinterest and Instagram would have less themed birthday parties and more birthday presents taped together with masking tape. If we could cut ourselves a little slack, maybe there would be less photos of perfectly organized homes and more of moms, with pajamas and unwashed hair, playing in castles made of blankets.

Or, here is a thought. What if we just enjoyed our kids and ourselves and didn’t check social media to see how we compared?




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