WeCareCard is an online fundraising platform that empowers people from around the nation to raise funds for a variety of life-changing causes. We deliver a simple, seamless and secure way to share stories, connect social networks and gather immediate funds for those in need, with 100% of the donations going directly to the campaign recipient. Our crowdfunding technology allows for multi-funding to a single recipient and fulfills a campaign’s financial component by loading funds onto a prepaid debit card.
‘The sudden passing of my mother, left my sister and brother (21 and 19) with no idea how to pay for her funeral. She was young and we were unprepared as she did not have life insurance or savings; imagine our shock when we were informed that we needed $2,000 before the funeral home would even pick up her body from the hospital. With WeCareCard.com, we were able to raise money within 72 hours and give my mother a proper funeral.’
Haleigh Mann, age 24 (Tracy Driscoll’s funeral fund)


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