You Want Me To Learn What How? – 3 Ways To Make Learning Social, Meaningful and Fun!


learningStudents have many options when it comes to learning. It seems that technology has enabled students to become better or even stronger learners. However, I am going to call this a myth. Even with the advances in technology, the computer-based learning, and the increased attention to special learning needs, it seems that students are still slipping and sliding. With this in mind we are parents and teachers can make learning more social, meaningful and fun for our students, and kids.

Make Learning Social

How often have we heard stories about teachers getting frustrated at the noise level in their classroom? Or how often have we as mom reached our breaking point with the 1,001 questions asked all about one subject? I will admit I have been in both situations. My solution is to make learning more social. Talk more about what your students are learning, and allow them time to be open with their classmates or peers.  Another thing – and I have actually encouraged my 9 year old to do this – is to have students write down what they are learning about. This can be in the form of a blog or a journal entry. They can even contribute to a group Wiki page. Or you can incorporate social media into their learning. Have them write a Tweet on paper about what they are learning. Keep in mind that Twitter has a 140 character limit so maybe you can expand this “limit” for the purposes of your learning focus. I am a journaler, a blogger, a Tweeter, and Instagramer. Take what kids like to do – write, draw, take pictures – and have them turn it into a learning activity that they can share with others.


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