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Since 1982, we have been working on a concept that women should have an equal contribution in the formation of the gender of the baby. We established in 2006 that:
1) Menstrual cycles are gender specific. In one cycle the Testosterone / Estrogen ratio is more than 1.0 and in next one less than 1.0.
2) This specificity alternates so that in one cycle she is ready to conceive a boy and in next a girl
3) The hormonal environment in which a baby is conceived influences the gender outcome.
4) Just like women stop menstruating after conception, they stop alternating as well, as long as that baby is there. THIS IS THE NEW DISCOVERY BY US After delivery of baby or a miscarriage, the alternating pattern restarts.
5) Since 92 out of 100 couples desiring to get a boy, for example, have been found to get the boy simply by conceiving in a boy cycle, we believe we can prove that the uterus have the power of sort and select X & Y chromosome bearing sperms.


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