Unjust Plush


The Unjust plush are unique and delightfully bizarre plush animals! Despite their injuries, the Unjust Plush animals are quirky, brave, and optimistic. Their positive attitudes present a new way to shed light on animal cruelty. They just need your help to get the conversation going!

We realize that today’s generation doesn’t respond well to some of the ways animals rights activist market their causes. Although honorable causes, the negative statistics and feelings of guilt do not resonate with a lot of people. This is a completely new idea. One that at the surface level appears to be light hearted but gets people thinking and gets people talking.

The Unjust Plush can serve as adorable presents or become fun additions to your office/home/car. Whether you simply raise awareness on what the product is, or go deeper into the injustices animals face is up to you. Either way, the mighty, fun, and creative Unjust Plush will get people talking.


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