Udderly Hot Mama


Udderly Hot Mama nursing tops don’t look like they’re for breastfeeding. They are cute shirts that every woman would wear. Our patent-pending insert helps conceal the top of the breast to allow for discreet nursing, even in public. And when mom weans her baby, she can easily remove the insert and continue to wear her shirt — a fabulous cost-saving feature. What makes our business stand out most is that it is run by a mom and truly caters to moms. I am currently breastfeeding my second child and as a result, I’m going through exactly what my customers are experiencing. I truly want them to be as successful at breastfeeding as I’ve been. To ensure this, I use my website and other social media to put new moms in touch with lactation consultants to answer their breastfeeding questions. I also have a section on the site dedicated to answering any of their baby-related concerns. Because babies don’t come with an instruction manual, I believe moms need to support each other.


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