True Magic


Photo by Perfection In Movement Productions

We hear it all the time, magic is all around us, but what’s the most magical thing the world can offer?

As a born and raised wiccan\pagan, it was heavily emphasised that I needed to find magic in everything and all around me. My whole life, I dreamed of being a mom, although I was never sure if I wanted to breastfeed or not. However, now that I’ve discovered it and discovered the joys it brings and how close my daughter and I are together when we have our feeding time. Breastfeeding is the most magical moment, for just a few minutes time stops, it’s just you and your baby, every little sound, the way their looking at you, their touch… everything they do is beautiful and during that moment nothing else matters.

So many mother’s are demonized everyday for this simple task, whether it be by other mother’s who feel like breastfeeding is wrong or by outside influences that insult or criticize something they don’t understand. Because of this so many moms abandon this magical time.

One thing that could truly help all babies and their mothers.


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