8 Tips For Traveling With Kids Like a Pro!


Taylor travelingTraveling with kids can often be a stressful event for parents but, here are 8 travel tips to make the whole trip fun for the family.

1)  Plan, plan, plan.  If you didn’t plan trips before having kids, it’s time for that to change.  Having a plan reduces the headache of trying to figure out things on the go.

2) Have a plan for when things don’t go as planned!  Stock snacks, games, books, or a mobile device so there are activities if your well thought out plans become derailed.

3)  Don’t over-schedule your family.  Kids (and parents!) need down time.  That’s the whole point of a vacation, right??  Make sure there is a slower rest day among activity filled days.  A half day at the pool is a great rest day activity that includes an afternoon nap too.

4)  Take your meds. If you are traveling abroad, pack your known brand of child medications to reduce the stress of finding a suitable medication in a different country.

5)  Don’t eat too many sweets.  Along with different schedules and places to sleep, eating too many sweets will make kids cranky and hyper.  It’s vacation time but be sure to set limits too!

6)  Bring along a familiar stuffed animal for your kiddo to sleep with.  Having familiar smells and feelings help calm their brains for sleeping.

7)  Have family quiet time before heading out for the day.  If the day starts out hectic, then it will probably continue to be hectic!

8)  If your child is sensitive to lights and sounds while sleeping, be sure to make a space for them that’s dark.  Setting up a blanket tent can help block out lights and other stimulating sights.  Use a fan to block out noise so unfamiliar sounds don’t keep them up!

Make the summer a good one and enjoy!

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