Transition from Co-Sleeping Without Tears


Okay, great. But every situation is different.

I totally understand that our process will not work for every family trying to transition from co-sleeping; however, I hope that our story will help you to start thinking about what will work for your family. Think outside of the box (or the crib).

Take the time to communicate with your family members and see what their ideas are. I would not have been able to transition our son without tears if my husband wasn’t on board. He was the key piece of the puzzle so be sure to talk to your spouse and figure out how they can be involved in creating long term success.

I also understand that every child is different. My second son is not taking to the co-sleeping transition as well as my first did; but we also may have rushed it a bit since he is not 18 months old yet (and that seemed to be the magic number the first time around). We were able to successfully wean him off of night nursing, and he sleeps in his own room – just my husband often bunks with him.

As with every parenting situation, listen to the child, listen to your spouse, and listen to yourself. Don’t get stuck in a situation that isn’t working. There is always a solution.



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