Transition from Co-Sleeping Without Tears


So how did we do it?

When our first son was about 18 months old, I couldn’t take it anymore. He had started waking up more frequently all of a sudden, and he was nursing all night long. Co-sleeping was not a pleasant experience anymore, and I needed a change.

The problem was that our son had never even slept in his own room, by himself, or in a crib before. So we got a Queen size mattress, and me, my husband, and our son all slept in the nursery together for a few nights. Once our son seemed to be used to sleeping in there, we decided to just have my husband sleep in there with him.

I assumed that I would be woken up two hours into the night by my son screaming for milk, and we had agreed that I would go in as needed. We wanted to make the transition as gradual and smooth as possible for all of us.

To my surprise, he slept through the entire night no problem!

After about a week, my husband was able to leave him in his room alone and just go in as needed throughout the night (usually once or twice).

We were so pleasantly surprised. We were preparing ourselves for an uphill battle, but instead we got our bed back without our son feeling upset.



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