Transition from Co-Sleeping Without Tears


I was very opposed to co-sleeping before I had children. I thought it was dangerous, and for people who let their children walk (or lay I suppose) all over them. Then I had my first son…

We went through two months of trying to get him to sleep in his bassinet in our bedroom. By the time I could get him into a deep enough sleep to lay him down in his own bed, he would sleep for 15 minutes before waking up screaming again. It was not working. At all.

One night I accidentally fell asleep with him on my chest, and I did not wake up until about three hours later. I was in awe that he slept for 3 hours straight without screaming and insisting on breastfeeding. I was also a much better mom with a reasonable amount of sleep.

From that point on I started reading more about co-sleeping. I found a lot of information that assured me that I was not ruining my child for life, but of course in the back of my mind, I was worried that I was setting him up for a lifetime of bad sleep habits and delaying the inevitable struggle of transitioning him to his own bed.

cosleeping transitionTurns out that I was right to let go and do what worked for our family. He transitioned to his own bed with no harsh methods and no tears. He is now 4 years old and sleeping through the night.




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