To the Mama with No One to Carry Her Coffee


I get the question all of the

How do you handle five kids?!?

My response to that is this:

How do you handle not having five kids?!?

Because, here’s the thing. My three bigs are at Yaya’s house and that leaves me with just the two littles. It should seem like light duty, right? Yeah, I thought so, too. So, I decided to head to the mall play area. As I loaded the kids in the car, I realized there wasn’t anyone to climb into the back seat and buckle the three-year-old up. After doing a number of moves which reminded me why I was never a gymnast, the kids were safely secured.

When we arrived at the mall, however, I realized the hardships were not over. Our usual buddy system was of no use since, apparently, I was everybody’s buddy. I managed to throw my purse over one shoulder and the diaper bag over the other. I put a 20-pound infant on one hip and an even heavier child on the other. I made my way across a mall parking lot in 100-degree weather.

{Brace yourself because it gets worse. Are you ready?}

Y’all, there was no one to carry my coffee. I had envisioned myself sipping a little java while the sweet kiddos played. Sadly, I was forced to leave that precious cup of happiness all locked up in a hot car. Please do not judge me. My heart broke just a little as I walked away. I just kept whispering to myself, “Don’t look back. Don’t look back.”

After what seemed like an eternity {but turned out to be 37 minutes,} it was time to leave. I realized, however, that I had no older child to retrieve the three-year-old from across the play area. I tried to make eye contact and silently prayed that she would come to me. {Quit laughing. It could have happened.} When I realized that it wasn’t going to be that easy, I began picking up my things. Purse, diaper bag, baby? Check, check and check.

With my best please-don’t-make-a-scene smile, I informed my child that it was time to go. I may or may not have resorted to bribery. Once we were back to the van, I realized the children needed to be buckled up again. So, back into the backseat I crawl, backside in the air and sweating profusely.

By the time we got home, I was hot and the coffee was not. There was no resting because there were no big sisters to entertain the littles. I began playing Legos and playing pretty, pretty princess. It is a lot of work to play that much. If you are a mama, you know exactly what I mean.

What I am saying is, if you are a mama with all littles at home, I applaud you. It is not easy. Do not look at me and think, “I could never do that.” In fact, the next time you see me out with all of my blessings and think, “how does she do it?” –  I want you to look closely because I promise you that one of those big kids will be carrying my coffee.


  1. I watched my twin’s son with Tiny Tot for a solid week, twice. She asked how I could manage two kids under two, together. I looked at her, and said, “If I can single mom with one kid, I can single mom with two.”

    The only difference is that I rarely carried my son after he learned how to walk, and I wouldn’t carry her son, either. LOL! I made carrying kids a punishment, because walking was the privilege.

    Five, though! I seriously doubt I could do five. Kudos to that!


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