Tips to Help the Kids Get Excited for Back to School


During the summer kids get to enjoy the outdoors, play with friends and go on family vacations.  It can be tough to get the kiddos ready to gear up for another school year, but finding ways to help them transition from the lazy days of summer to the more regimented school year will help.  Try these easy ideas to get your kids excited about for back to school:

Block Party – At the end of the summer, host a block party for the neighborhood.  Don’t forget to invite other friends and family to your end-of-summer extravaganza! Block off the street, have a “pot luck” that includes everyone’s favorite foods, and bring in carnival games for families to play.  Make it a big deal to close out the summer season and get ready for new and exciting opportunities.

f44bceac-fcbc-40d8-80bb-29782b27a032School Shopping – Take each child school shopping individually.  Make it a day to celebrate what is unique and special about the school year for that child.  Go to lunch, talk about goals, and pick out fun school clothes.  Don’t forget to grab cool school supplies while you’re out. 

Take a School Tour – Kids can have concerns about starting a new school year.  They might experience anxiety about getting lost, catching the wrong bus, or not knowing anyone.  Make an appointment to go meet the teacher and find the gym, lunchroom, and library.  Practice walking to and from the bus stop with your child and looking for the correct bus number.  Becoming familiar with the new routine will help build excitement for starting the new year.

Pick Out A Special  Lunch Box – There are so many fun and uniquely designed lunch boxes out there, so encourage your little one to pick one out that he will enjoy using every day. Your children will love browsing the different lunch box pictures and styles!

Scrapbook – Encourage your kids to keep a scrapbook of the year, complete with notes, photos, and artwork.  Decorating the outside of the book can be a fun way to set the tone for the upcoming school year. 

Countdown – Spend the last two weeks of summer counting down to the first day of school.  Do something special each morning, such as going to the zoo, taking a nature walk, or making art.  Starting a schedule will help the kids transition into a new routine.

Get the whole family involved in getting ready for the upcoming school year.  Spend time over dinner talking to the kids about what they are looking forward to about school, which clubs they want to join, the sports they want to play, and reconnecting with friends.  Modeling a positive attitude will go far in getting the kids excited about starting school.

Sari Davidson-Crevin is a Family & Lifestyle expert, mother-of-two, and the CEO/Founder of the BooginHead Corporation, which is changing the world by bringing products to parents to make their lives easier. As a Family & Lifestyle expert, Sari helps to educate moms and dads on all aspects of parenting, including healthy family meal ideas and tips on getting the kiddos to do their chores.


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