Tips For Making the Switch From Summer Vacation to Back To School

Transitioning from summer to back to school can be challenging for even the most organized family: late nights to early mornings, fun activities to hectic schedules. Back to school is a busy time of the year. It doesn’t have to be stressful though. Here are some strategies to keep everyone sane:
back to school
  • Create a daily school schedule with your kids.
  • Include times for waking up, activities, homework, dinner, baths, and going to bed.
  • Include a specific time for playing. Kids won’t complain as much if they know that they have a designated time to play. They can also tell their friends, so that they won’t be bothered while they’re trying to do homework.
  • Designate a launch pad. Create an area to keep everyone’s backpacks, briefcases, keys, shoes, coats, and lunches. If you don’t want your entry way to look messy, you can choose a coat closet. It doesn’t matter as long as everyone knows where it is and puts all their stuff there.
  • Prepare tomorrow’s meals today. Right after dinner, make lunches for tomorrow. Then, set the table for breakfast. Include plates, bowls, silverware, glasses, and coffee cups. Pull out the cereal, bread, peanut butter — anything that can be left out overnight. Set up the slow cooker with oatmeal. Make some pancake batter and refrigerate it for quick flapjacks. When you wake up the next morning, breakfast will be a snap!
  • Enhance your bed time routine. When your kids get ready for bed, besides the usual bath and PJ’s, ask them to lay out their clothes for tomorrow, check that all their stuff is on the launch pad, charge their phones and tablets, and set their alarm clocks.


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