Tips To Make You Feel FAB Once You’re A New Mom


momRemember a time, WAY back before you became a mom, when you used to wear tight fitting jeans, a fashionable looking top and some KILLER heals? How about when you had the time to give your hair a fabulous blowout and do a full face of makeup? Those days seem like a distant memory when you become a new mom.

I remember being told “all you’ll want to wear is sweats” or “you’ll be lucky to take a shower.” Let me tell you right now, those first few weeks after you have your sweet baby is ROUGH! I mean first off, big high five for birthing a human – you carried a person and now they’re on the outside – CRAZY!

Now you’re home, baby is waking up every couple of hours to eat, screaming, pooping, and you’re wearing a new perfume called Toilette de Spit Up (it’s the rage of the season). Your fabulous appearance has become unrecognizable. What’s happened to you? You became a mom.

Alright, so you’re tired and a shower seems like just too much work right now. I get it! Let me give you a few simple tips that will make you feel FAB and like you again.

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My name is Lisa and I am a new blogger. I am more than just a mom; I am a wife, a daughter, a friend, a career woman. I created My Mommy Place to encourage all those things and showcase my daily ins and outs of being a first time mom. I’m loud and honest and sometimes aggressive in my approach. My intentions are good and I can even crack a joke or two. I’m a wife of 2 years but have been holding on for 10. I don’t always get it right but I won’t ever stop trying so don’t count me out just yet. My goal is to remember to keep true to who I am while navigating this rocky road we call mommyhood. I’m new to the game but keep an eye out because I’m catching on quick!


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