Tips for Getting Kids to School Without a Hitch


Alarm clock ringing (for the second time), wiping crust from eyes, staggering into the shower, hot, hot water…this is how my mornings will begin when the school year starts again. With the first day of school steadily approaching, I’m honestly getting a little nervous. Now, this isn’t my first rodeo, I have a 1st and 3rd grader this year. However, I know how hectic the mornings can get trying to get them to school looking at least half way decent, fed, happy, and oh yea, the big one…on time. While there will be those days that you just can’t prepare for, like when they accidentally dump a whole bowl of cereal in their lap or how about when their shoe string snaps on your way out of the door (its enough to make you sob like you lost your puppy dog). However, there are a few tricks I have found along the way to get the kids off to school without mommy ripping her hair out, or at least only a strand or two.

  • Plan breakfast the night before. Food that can be prepared the day before or relatively quickly can make the mornings so much easier. My favorite easy go to ideas are muffins, pancakes, breakfast pizza (aka left over pizza from dinner), and french toast.
  • Layout clothes the night before, even down to the socks. The worst thing is when they go to put their socks on and the only ones left are the mismatched, holey, bottom of the drawer pickings.
  • Packing lunches the night before will save your life. That is all. I’m guilty of packing the same ol’ lunch over and over with not much variety. So, I looked to Pinterest for a little inspiration for this year.
  • Make sure showers or baths are given at bed time, so in the morning, the only tasks to tackle are face washes and teeth brushing.
  • Try your best to stay on schedule. Ensuring that your children have a set bedtime at night and a set wake up time in the morning will help keep their natural time clocks in sync with their busy day ahead.
  • Check the weather. An unexpectedly cold or rainy day may require some extra preparation in the morning.
  • If possible, try to wake up at least 30 mins before your kiddos. For one, it will help give you a little piece of mind before chaos breaks loose, and will give you time to prep breakfast, sign permission slips, make sure homework has been put in book bags, the little things that sometimes get forgotten the day before.
  • Let your kids dress themselves. I know this may seem to add extra time when time is already tight, however, as they get better at getting dressed by themselves, it will slowly but surely take a little extra load off your shoulders. Just remember to allot a few minutes for fixing their “creative” mistakes.
  • For moms of girls who have to do hair every morning…well…I can’t help you. Sorry, I have all boys, and if I had girls I am convinced that we would be late every single day.
  • Allot some time for the grumpy dumpies (yep, I just made that up). On several occasions you nor your children will be in the mood to get up early; attitudes will flare, yelling will occur, and there may be casualties of war. Take this into consideration.
  • Last but not least make sure you send your kids off with hugs, kisses, and kind words. Mornings can be stressful, and we’re not perfect. However, make sure before your kids walk out of the door, they know how much you love them despite their repeated efforts at trying to give you a mini heart attack each and every morning.

Good Luck! XOXO



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