Things That Are Only Cute When They’re Little


Cute blonde twins squabbling over cooking bowls and utensilsI went upstairs to wake my 4 year old boys this morning and there they were: lips slightly parted, hair mussed, one leg thrust over the side of the bed, delicate snores coming from one child, grizzly bear nose growls from the other, and lots and lots of drool.

Holy cow, were they cute. My heart swelled.

I went down the hall and opened the door to my 17 year old boy’s room to wake him up, and there he was: snoring, mumbling, mouth open impossibly wide, and lots and lots of drool.

Holy cow, was that not a cute sight, but my heart swelled anyway.

It got me thinking how there are things that young kids can do that are acceptable (even if only somewhat) that adults obviously can’t, but what if you did them anyway? What would be the reaction of those around you if:

1. You tore off all your clothes and ran around completely naked yelling “WHOOO, LOOK AT ME!!!”

2. You spill something on the floor, and when asked to clean it up you scream “NO! I hate you!” then run away.

3. You took every single article of clothing out of your closet and drawers and beamed proudly at the mess.

4. You danced like Elaine on Seinfeld…everywhere.

5. You hide under a table to poop.

6. You went up to a random stranger and said: “You’re really old!”


  1. ha, loved these! I can just picture a grown up under the table pooping…or having a tantrum on the floor after being told now. wait, I think my husband did that last night 😉


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