The Good & Bad of Screen Time — What You Need to Know


Good- With moderation, there are many benefits to screen time

Screen time is so important to my youngest son that he wrote a persuasive essay on the topic. I must say that I learned some new benefits. They are as follows:

  • Video games have been shown to have many positive effects on brain power

    Studies suggest that, depending on the type of game, video games can also increase scores on measures of working memory (the ability to hold several items of information in mind at once), critical thinking, and problem solving.[2]

  • Increased visual-spatial ability

  • Increased problem solving ability and critical thinking skills

  • Self direction

    In a world dominated by decisions that adults make for kids, during screen time, they get to make their own decisions.

  • Educational

    There are many educational web sites and apps available. Choose those for screen time.

  • Internet tools, texting, and shared video games are easy and fun ways to socialize and communicate

Bad- Screen time has many negative effects on children.

  • For children ages birth to 5, doesn’t allow the synapses to be stimulated in the brain; thus, they die.
  • Decreases face-to-face, intimate communication which is essential for emotional stability

  • Screen addiction

  • Sleep disorders

  • Can cause Attention Deficit Disorder

    According to research, studies found out children who exceed the two hours per day of screen time are one and one-half to two times more likely to encounter attention problems in school.

  • Can lead to obesity

  • Can cause children to exhibit aggressive behavior (kids who view violent acts are more likely to show aggressive behavior)

  • Too much screen time impairs academic performance

  • Less time for free play

I’d like to challenge you to try a screen free week.  Enjoy the benefits of your family reconnecting with each other by playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring, and conversing. After discovering the rich benefits of your time together, you may not want to go back to screens again.

What are your thoughts on screen time? What does screen time look like in your family?

Pamela Hall is a mom and the founder of Literate For Life. Their mission is to educate, encourage, and empower people, particularly children, to be literate for life through their blog community and relevant, applicable seminars and programs.

Source: Nicholas Drenzo- 2.

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