The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating the Perfect Kid’s Bedroom


children's  roomDecorating your kid’s bedroom can be a lot of fun—especially if you make it a joint effort! Working on the redecorating as a team can be a fantastic bonding experience for you and your kids. As your kiddos grow up, it’s also great to update the rooms every few years to fit their newest stages in life—My Little Pony or Ninja Turtles are fine now but probably won’t be in two years’ time. Before you get started, consider the top do’s and don’ts of a kid’s room redo. A little planning and discussing wants and needs can make the project go a lot smoother! Here is a list of things to consider before getting started:

Kid’s Bedroom Do’s:

1. Discuss the plans with your kids—sit down with your kids before you start planning and talk about what they would like for their room. Discuss colors, important essentials, themes, and any ideas they want to incorporate. They will take more pride in a room they’ve had a hand in creating.

2. Think ahead for the near future needs of your child—just because your son loves the idea of a lofted bed now doesn’t mean he will in the next few years, especially if he’s nearing the tween years. Consider where your child will be in a few years and make sure the elements will take him into this stage without a major loss of money.

3. Consider the three most important investment pieces—lighting, a nice bed, and bookshelves. A good, full-sized bed will last your child from just out of the crib to college if you invest in a good one. Overhead lighting and lamps are also important for any room, especially for reading to kids at bedtime. Bookcases are important for displaying kid’s stuff and books (which encourage reading!).

4. Go with fun, inexpensive accessories—one inexpensive way to add flair to a room is with accessories. Shop at places like Home Goods and Target to find fun, trendy accessories that won’t cost a lot of money. If your child wants to redecorate again in a few years, it won’t be a huge loss by changing up the accessories.


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