A Teachable Moment (ATM)


Hello there,
My name is Shannon, a wife, and mom to 4 children. I have worked in the school districts locally since 2009. I have been a paraeducator , reading instructor, and math concept teacher. I am certified as a para, and have an AA. Most of my skills come through hard won experience. I am a tutor for Math and Reading in Bethel, Franklin Pierce, Puyallup, and Tacoma school districts. I have brough children up a full grade level in 8 weeks. I usually tutor 2-6 months frequently, and then slow down to a stop. I can and will come back for refreshment sessions as needed. I specialize with ADHD, high functioning autism, and mild learning disabilities. I also worked with gifted children, who struggle in some areas because they are so advanced in other. I help bring a balance to kids, and teach them how to learn. I believe that kids will reach the expectations we set before them, so why not set the bar high?


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