How to Talk to Other Parents About Discipline


Talk to Your Child

Before you talk to these parents, talk to your child about what goes on at their friend’s house. It’s possible that the children are sneaking off and hearing things that they shouldn’t because the parents don’t think that they’re around. When you hear these stories from your child, remember to take them with a grain of salt. He might tell you about a magical adventure through a cave in the woods and what he really means is that they built a fort out of blankets in the living room. Ask for clarification if you think that he will understand enough to give it.

Gather Your Composure

Don’t go over there angry and be ready to talk slowly without raising your voice. Be friendly and try to understand the side of the other parent. Maybe they have good reasons for what goes on in their house. Bring over some cookies or other baked goods as a gesture of peace to show that you’re not there to yell at them.

Stand Your Ground

These other parents may not agree with you and they may not want to compromise. It’s important, as you maintain that composure that you gathered, to stand your ground and try to help these parents understand why you’re upset with the change in behavior from your child when he returns home from their house. If they are still unwilling to compromise, you may have to stop allowing your child to continue going over to that house. Having his friend as a guest more often might be the better compromise to him expanding his curse word vocabulary and running around like a cartoon rodent every time he comes home from there.



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