How to Talk to Other Parents About Discipline


parents children disciplineYou instill certain rules in your home but when your child leaves and goes to his friends’ houses, you’re not around to enforce your rules. You have to trust that the parents of your child’s friends will hold up your rules and not let him run wild just because Mom isn’t around. We all know that one house that, every time your child comes home from that house, he seems to have forgotten all of his manners and picked up a few choice new words that you’re not happy about. After the second or third time that your child comes home with a foul mouth and the desire to kick things (including you and the dog), you roll your eyes and throw up your hands because you know it’s time to go talk to those parents about discipline – or at least your style.

Don’t Launch an Attack

While you may have the distinct urge to go over to your child’s friend’s house swinging, launching an attack will not solve your problem. The parents that you want to talk to may see this as you talking down to them, thinking that you’re better than them, or telling them how to raise their children. Put yourself in their shoes for a second: what would you think if those parents came over to your house huffing and puffing and bringing you down?

Write Down Your Grievances

You are passionate about your child’s well-being and discipline, but the parents that you’re going to talk to might not completely understand why you want certain things done the way that you want them done. Write it all down with your reasons and bring it up point by point during your discussion.


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