Take Your Freaking Medicine!!


Medical droplet in spoon isolated on whiteWhen I was young and my Mommy said I needed to take my medicine, I don’t remember there being an option of “no”. I distinctly remember shuddering, crying, whining a lot, and begging, but inevitably, I would get the full name scolding (and you know it’s bad when you get all three names) of: “Carrie Marie Newtz, get your butt over here and take your medicine! NOW!” and with feet dragging at -45 mph I would finally work my way over and take it.

It may or may not have tasted like boiled sewage. Sometimes it tasted good, or at least good enough to maybe come back for more.

My (almost) 5 year old boys are the worst medicine takers I have ever encountered. My (almost) 18 year old was hard to convince when he was younger, too, but since he didn’t have a sibling to egg him on to tell him “he don’t need to take that yucka stuff,” I was able to get meds down his gullet somewhat easier.

But these two? Heck no. I have tried to cajole, beg, plead, tickle, fake cry (that just makes them laugh) guilt, promise them riches, toys, and occasionally a few hookers, but nothing will get these two to take it. If they do take it, somehow it makes them “want to BOFF” and they spit it out. It’s all I can do to keep my cool.


  1. Ask a teenager! My 15-year-old son came up with the perfect answer…but it only works once! Pour a generous amount of juice the same colour as the medicine into a spoon and tell your child to take his medicine. When he does and licks his lips asking for more, get that real medicine down him before he realizes the ruse! Then I would look a him funny when he complains and suggest, “That must be because you were only supposed to take one spoonful, greedy boy!” At least you’ll get him to try it again.

  2. OH GOD! Robitussin. That was the worst when I was little! You know what…I might have opted to take it in the butt when I was that age. Too funny!!

  3. I’d like to confess that I’m fairly certain my sisters and I are the reason medicine now tastes so bad. When we were 2 year old triplets, together we downed an entire bottom of Dimetapp because we thought it was yummy yummy grape juice. We all ended up in the ER getting our stomach’s pumped. My parents still haven’t recovered. Not sure if this is from the scare we gave them OR if it’s from the disappointment that occurred after all three of us actually survived. So close to having twins!

  4. He WANTS it up the butt. Oh, man, that’s a tough one. It is a good thing you found that grape medicine. My kids are annoying when it comes to taking meds but nothing like that thank God.


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