Super Blanky, LLC


Our patent pending Super Blankys™ are created with a unique  design that turns a blanket into a wearable superhero cape without the restriction of a neckband. Our fabulous sleeves allow the wearer to play superhero or cozy up with the blanket wrapped around their shoulders. It’s like cuddling in a giant blanketed cape. Arms are simply slipped through our patent-pending, comfortable “sleeves” so Super Blanky™ stays put. No ties under the throat, no fasteners, nothing to come loose. Super Blanky™ makes the perfect lap, throw or stadium blanket as well! We look forward to building our products with collegiate licensing partnerships since it’s the perfect cozy sports fanatic blanket too! We envision chilly sports fans around the world cheering on their teams in superhero and cuddly fashion.
We have many accessory products to coordinate with our blankys including masks, wrist cuffs, superhero belts and more in development. For more info on our super product please visit


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