Stop Looking Backward – Instead Look Forward


bus“If you are constantly looking backward, you can’t see where you are going.” This is something that I keep saying to my 4 year old OVER and OVER and OVER. When he’s running (or playing), he looks over his shoulder to see just how close you are to him. Basically I think he’s looking to see if he’s still winning when we are racing. But more than once he’s almost run into a wall or a tree. Hence I’m always yelling for him to look forward instead of looking behind him.

As we were racing to the playground, and I was yelling for him to look forward, I couldn’t help but realize that I need to do the same thing. Granted, I wasn’t running looking over my shoulder. But how many times a day am I looking backward into the past instead of looking at what’s around me? How many times do I allow past hurts to keep me from moving forward?

I have a tendency to beat myself up over things that I can’t change. (I really wish I’d had more patience this morning when Lil Man was trying to get ready for pre-school. I suppose I could have helped a little more with Hubby’s lunch instead of getting irritated that he wanted something of me.  Or those times that I’ve allowed old feelings of hurt and rejection from relationships to creep into current situations when they truly weren’t related).  I need to learn from my past, and past mistakes. But I also need to leave the past where it belongs – in the past and stop looking backward.

So maybe it’s time that I took my own advice and realize that if I’m constantly looking backward, I can’t see where I’m going!

Amy Glass is a Stay-At-Home Mom, Wife, Runner, and Blogger. You can find her at @MrsGlass, Facebook, InstagramPinterest, and her blog Will Run For Ice Cream




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