Starting from Scratch: A Mother’s Quest for Healthy Food with Picky Eaters


healthy-eating-for-toddlersMothers everywhere strive to do their best when comes to raising their children. We pride ourselves in making sure our kids develop from stage to stage, get the best nutrition possible and live happy, healthy lives. But this isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially when you’re dealing with the food choices of  picky eaters.

My first child was born almost four years ago. It felt quite possibly like one of the greatest accomplishments in my life. From day one, it was my mission to give him a quality life filled with love, happiness, a solid educational foundation and the best possible nutrition. So, when the time was right, I decided to be that mom who makes her own baby food. Being someone that enjoys cooking, I wanted my son to have the freshest ingredients without any preservatives. I even bought some wonderful cookbooks to serve as guides for the endless flavor combinations I would create.

He certainly had his favorites along the way, such as apple paired with either pear or butternut squash, and sweet potato, banana and carrot. Of course, there were combinations that, shall we say, were not welcomed like blueberries and cauliflower. But, at least he tried them all. At the end of the day, I’m happy I was able to introduce a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables to expand his palate and nutrition sources at a young age.

Now, fast forward a year and a half to the “picky” stage. My oh my, did his eating habits change. As every mom goes through this tough phase, we try all sorts of tricks in hopes of getting at least two servings of fruits and vegetables each day. I was a fan of approaches like being a “sneaky chef.” I resorted to hiding pureed vegetables in some of his favorite dishes or blending fresh fruit into a smoothie or muffins.


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