Spiritual Sweet Spot


How to Be the Spiritual Center of Your Home – For Moms –an online course

Learn how to be more centered and balanced as a mom and hold conversations that matter with your kids.
– Having trouble staying balanced, heart-centered, and focused as a mom?
– Having trouble communicating with your child?
– Do you not know what to talk about or how to bring up important things like values and life skills?
– How are you feeling? Burnt out or fired up?

This online course gives you knowledge about how to be more balanced and points out potential pitfalls in parenting. In addition, you will get real life examples and situations and how to make things work more smoothly in your life so you can begin to the be the spiritual center for your children and your spouse.

This is a religion-neutral course where the family activities are designed to help you identify what your family’s values are & help you have conversations that matter


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