My son is obviously gay…


photo.PNG-6-300x296I’ve been a mother to a boy for a little over 2 years now. Things didn’t start feeling different until recently. He has a temper, he punches his sisters in the face, he laughs when people fall instead of consoling them and, of course, when he passes gas, he thinks it is the funniest thing in the world.

He accompanied me to school pick up not long ago and would not leave the house without a pink teapot we have. (P.S. Best toy ever, 7 years old and I have never replaced the batteries). He loves this teapot and I didn’t see the big deal in him bringing it along. Once we arrived at the school, he would not leave the car without his pink teapot, “Mommy, no go! I want tea!” If tea is what the boy wanted, tea is what the boy was going to get. I walked with my very excited boy and his teapot and once we arrived at the school, I felt the stares. I looked around and a mom said, “What a cute little girl! Look at her teapot!” When people say my son is a girl, I usually just go with it, too much work on my end to explain that he is a boy. “It’s a boy and he loves his teapot,” I said. “Oh! I thought it was a girl since he has a pink binky and the teapot!”, then another mom chimed in, “I would not let my son play with a teapot, you are making him gay. You are raising him to be a girl.”

Now… It took everything I have not to catch a case. I took a deep breath and said to them, “You’re right, because my son plays with a teapot, he is obviously going to be gay. I mean, that makes total sense. He also loves wearing a purple sequin skirt from time to time and knows the names of all the characters on Sofia the first. Obviously gay. He will always be gay because he will be happy and because he will have a mother that is not ignorant and knows that whatever a child needs to keep him or her gay is what she will deliver.”

It is terribly sad that in this day and age people can still be so un-informed and ignorant. One of my favorite books is “William’s doll” by Charlotte Zolotow. It shows us that a boy is allowed to play with other things besides trains and basketballs. When my daughters chose to dress up as Batman and Robin one year, they made traffic stop with all the praise and compliments but if my son decides to throw on a dress and do the same, he gets ridiculed at only an innocent 2 years old. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. Either way, I will be keepin’ my kids gay for as long as I have the power to do so because in my warped world, a happy child is absolutely priceless.


  1. Your son is lucky to have a supportive Mum. It is sad that so many people are still afraid of different kids (and adults), whether they don’t conform to gender stereotypes and/or norms or don’t conform in other ways. It would also be unthinkable to associate a sexual identity with young children otherwise, so why is this OK?!

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