Why does my son get so many nosebleeds? What can I do to stop them?


If your daughter is having frequent nosebleeds, something could be wrong. The occasional nosebleed is pretty common, especially for children who have frequent dry noses or who pick their noses.

As for preventing nosebleeds, it is wise to keep your child’s nails short. This will prevent your child from injuring himself if he picks his nose. It is also helpful to moisten your child’s nose daily with a saline spray. You might also consider putting a humidifier that uses cool mist in the bedroom.

If nosebleeds continue to persist or are particularly heavy, you should contact your child’s pediatrician immediately. This could be a symptom of a disorder.


Please check with your doctor regarding any health related questions or issues.


  1. My son had nosebleeds for over a year, which I knew were not finger-to-nose related. I contacted his pediatrician, we were referred to an ENT, and my son had his nose cauterized. It’s been over a year, and he’s never had another nosebleed.


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