Snow Day Bed & Breakfast


mothercookingHave you heard of the latest career trend for moms? It’s pretty shocking. Many women are leaving their jobs to become sole proprietors of a full service Bed & Breakfast, otherwise known as never ending snow days, and I am no exception.

Once the high ranking executive at a marketing firm, I have taken a leave of absence as recommended by Mother Nature, to try my hand in the world of hospitality. I dabbled in hospitality twice before and, believe it or not, my guests are repeat customers! You see they also occupied my first Bed & Breakfast – my womb.

Realizing any business must be fully dedicated to customer service, I have accommodated just about any request. Homemade waffles? Sure, and can I add fresh fruit and vanilla whipped cream to that? After all you will need the strength as you lie helpless on the floor while I shove every part of your body into waterproof clothing, boots, hats, gloves, and scarves only to hear you whine about being hot. But it’s okay, it’s a snow day and you are a kid. Fortunately this B&B is located in a charming Virginia mountainside neighborhood that boasts incredible hills for sledding!

Once you return, the fireplace will be roaring and and a steaming bowl of homemade chicken soup will be waiting for you and the fifteen friends you have decided to bring back with you. Which is really no problem, I mean I do have not one, but two dryers, specifically to keep all of your winter clothing dry before returning to the fabulous outdoor agenda we here at the Mom’s Bed & Breakfast have arranged for you.

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Kara Vanderpool Ward is owner of Triple V Enterprises where she works daily along side her father, affectionately dubbed the Suit, and her brother, The Hoodie. She is the creator of the series with the same name, The Suit, The Hoodie and The Skirt, Third and Hyphen, Care-giving Sucks, as well as two kids and last nights dinner. She is the United States Winner of the Hot Momma’s Project, the worlds largest case study project for women housed at George Washington University, and the Patricia Lacy Metzger Distinguished Woman Award from The University of Mary Washington. She lives in Charlottesville, VA with her husband, two daughters and is caregiver to her 88 year old grandmother.


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