Sneaky Ways to Introduce Gluten Free Eating To Your Child


Discover Which Foods Can Remain On Your Child’s Gluten Free Plate

Gluten free eating has become a popular trend among many households.  For some it is the new weight loss diet.  For others this switch is a necessity due to Celiac Disease or a gluten intolerance.

Whatever the reason may be for your change in dietary foods it is important to know that going gluten free is not an easy road.  This is especially true when transitioning children to a gluten free diet as well.  Luckily, celiac awareness has been on the upturn making gluten free options on foods more accessible in standard grocery stores.  This allows for more traditional foods to remain in your home while maintaining a gluten free diet.  Changing foods for any child is hard, but it can be more difficult with picky eaters.  Using the options listed below will enable a smooth transition that your children will never notice.

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Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Foods  

Betty Crocker really saved the day for desserts and party favors.  Now Betty Crocker offers a variety of gluten free cake mixes and brownie mixes to treat your child. This brand can also be found in fruit snacks and snack bars.  The best thing about this product is even with a slight increase in price, it is still an affordable option for family friendly budgets.

Betty Crocker’s Bisquick Mix Gluten-Free   

No need to give up delicious pancakes and muffins.  The kids won’t know the difference when using this gluten free switch.  Just watch for sales or coupons as this product does cost more than the standard Bisquick brand.

Chex Cereals (Gluten Free)

With all the yummy flavors Chex offers, this is a great breakfast treat and snack.  Best part kids don’t even need to know that these are gluten free.  Add some dry fruit, popcorn, and M&M’s (plain) and you’ve got one great homemade gluten free Chex mix.

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Gluten Free  

This product is only offered in select locations, but if it’s available near you the possibilities are endless.  Not only are there the great classics of gluten free Rice Krispy treats, but there are a wide variety of desserts to be made using this ingredient.  Yummy desserts such as fabulous s’more’s and homemade ice cream cones can be find by a simple search online.

Rice Pastas (Gluten Free)

When it comes to gluten free pastas, grocery stores offer a variety of options.  However, brown rice pastas are the closest you will find to normal spaghetti and elbow pasta.  Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta is an exceptional choice but does go for a higher price. This pasta is often found in the gluten free isle away from the pasta selections.

Mac n’ Cheese is a staple to any child’s table.  Using brown rice pasta is the best option in making this switch to gluten free options.  You have the choice of preparing this homemade or grabbing an instant option like Annie’s Homegrown Rice Pastas.  Just keep in mind that going for quick and easy can be hard on the wallet.

Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels Gluten Free

Please note that most pretzels are gluten free, just make sure to read your labels.  If you are in a rush Snyder’s offers a great snack for kids with the gluten free pretzels.

Udi’s Breads  

Delicious bread is not forgotten.  Continue the PB&J tradition with a gluten free spin.  Udi’s offers a wide selection of breads, muffins, crusts, and desserts for your table.  This brand is easy to find in your local grocery freezer section.

Amy’s Rice-Crust Pizzas Gluten and Dairy Free

If you’re looking for frozen pizzas Amy’s gluten free crust are a great option, but can be pricey.  If the kids are in the mood for delivery many pizza chains including Pizza Hut and Dominos offer gluten free options.

PediaSure Sidekicks Gluten and Lactose Free

If you’re a parent currently using this nutritional supplement drink for your child, there are now gluten free options within the standard flavors.


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