Siesta Testa


Making Bedtime Easy

Parents regularly struggle to get their young children to go to bed, for the simple reason that children can’t be swayed from their sole goal of not going to bed!
Intuitively and infinitely better negotiators than parents, children use lengthy arguments, tantrums and tears to convince their parents that it is definitely not time for a snooze. And too often, they win the fight just because we as parents get worn down.
But no longer! Siesta Testa can help children understand that, just like their toys, they too have batteries that need to be charged in order to work. This handy app shows them how!

“Kids will accept the results far sooner from a device than from their parent who is clearly up to something, simply wrong, or the standard favourite, just being mean!”

Children believe that they know best and can’t understand why no one listens when then say “I’m not ready for bed.” And so, Siesta Testa was born.


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