Should I Take My Kid To See Shaun the Sheep


Shaun the Sheep just wants a day off from the farm’s routine. Unfortunately, his plan for getting that day off ends up with their beloved farmer being carried off to the big city, and then to the hospital with a head injury. The sheep soon discover that they need their farmer, and travel to the city to bring him back. But their efforts are complicated, not only by the villainous animal containment officer, but also by the fact that the farmer is suffering from amnesia and doesn’t even remember them. So now it’s up to Shaun to kidnap their farmer and bring him home, before the dog catcher puts them away for good.

Shaun the Sheep comes from Aardman Animations, the same studio that produced Wallace and Gromit—The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Chicken Run, and while it doesn’t have the sharp satire that enlivened Chicken Run that actually makes Shaun a better movie for kids. Not that it was lacking in satire—the spoof of prison movies is priceless, and so is the whole bit with the beauty salon. But Shaun the Sheep makes up for the lack of adult dialogue with character relationships that grow and deepen throughout the story. At first this is a movie that runs on visual humor and plots gone wrong…but by the end, it’s all about heart. And better yet, the plot and the humor are straightforward enough to be accessible to any child who can sit still for 1 hour and 25 minutes. It was rated PG for “rude humor,” but unless you object to burping we didn’t see much that was rude about it. Kids of any age will be able to enjoy Shaun the Sheep, and so can their parents.

Hilari gives it 3 tickets / Anna-Maria gives it 4 tickets
(On a 1 to 5 ticket scale.)

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