Sarah’s Generation Baby


Luxury Kids Boutique

“Where kids live a lifestyle of luxury -distinguished products.”

To provide luxury, designer, hand-made products for children & to help Moms become financially independent while still having the freedom to be Mom & Wife.

SGB -Heritage
Sarah’s Generation Baby caters exclusively to the needs of their clients & consumers. SGB created products based on “Exclusive brand identity” that are hand-made, hand stitched, & hand-embroidered. Our kid couture items are a great addition to your child’s bedroom, lifestyle, & great heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation. Our products consist of pillows, crib sets, diaper bags, baby bibs, clothing, accessories, & limited edition items.

The name Sarah was inherited from the designer Moni’soi Humes grandmother –Sarah Humes, who gracefully raised 3 generations of children. She instilled a legacy & taught the importance of Family. Legacy. Love


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