Santa Spy Cam 2


Santa Spy Cam™ 2 (SSC2), the second version of the Internationally acclaimed “proof of Santa” app, enables parents (and grandparents) to capture live-action, high-quality video of friendly Elves and Santa Claus in your home! With an almost limitless array of live-action video capability and customization options, Santa Spy Cam™ 2 provides those “sightings” of Elves and Santa that children all over the world have always wanted to see, in one easy-to-use app.

Designed by parents, for parents, SSC2 brings an unprecedented level of magic and enchantment to a child’s holiday experience with its highly intuitive suite of “spy” options:

> 37 spy scenes, including 5 all-new scenes for 2014, inspiring countless live-action video “sighting” opportunities:

> Includes 6 mind-blowing Santa scenes to make this Christmas morning one they’ll never forget

> Intuitive customization options to integrate physical objects left behind by the Elves

> Easy sharing with friends and family on Facebook, Y


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