SafeHolmes Designs, LLC.


We are in development of several safety items for bathroom safety. Our first product item is the FAUCET LOCK or Faucet Handle Safety Restraint. It is designed to prevent that prevent small children from hot water scaldings. It also prevents home damage due to excessive water overflow and if placed on tub faucets will also prevent drownings.

As parents, my husband and I understand some of the challenges that face caregivers as they deal with young children and that leaving a small child even for a minute can lead to an unwanted accident by a curious child. Part of our mission is to prevent bathroom related incidents caused to young children caused by water.

With our Faucet Handle Safety Restraint we are wanting to give peace of mind to parents and caregivers that unattended bathrooms won’t be a concern. Because children have thin skin and are subject to the dangers of hot water burns we want to prevent that.


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