Q: What sleep position is best for pregnancy?


Answer: Finding the perfect sleeping position during pregnancy can be difficult, especially as you enter the second and third trimesters. This is especially the case if you have grown accustomed to sleeping on your stomach or back.

There is nothing wrong with sleeping on your back during pregnancy if you find it comfortable during the first trimester. Many women simply do not feel comfortable with this sleeping position during pregnancy because they may feel the uterus bearing down on one of the body’s major veins. The baby will not receive the nutrients it usually does if this happens. For this reason, many pregnant women find it ideal to sleep on the left or right side instead.

There actually is some advantage to sleeping on your left side instead of your right side. Pregnant women who sleep on the left side allow for more blood and nutrients to reach the baby during the night.

If you are a pregnant woman who experiences heartburn at night, you may benefit from sleeping on your back but propped up by pillows. This almost-upright position can ease this distressing symptom.

Comfort is the key at this point, and finding a sleep position during pregnancy that makes you feel good will benefit both you and the life growing inside.


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