PUREgrace is a company founded on integrity and purity. Our goal is to provide natural and safe premium baby products with exceptional customer service. PUREgrace offers a revolutionary crib mattress pad that has a 100% natural sleep surface, waterproof layer, and deep pocketed corners that have been reinforced with safety straps. The 100% natural eucalyptus based TENCEL® surface offers unique performance characteristics that make it hypoallergenic, softer than silk and cooler than linen. Through perfect moisture management, TENCEL® wicks away 50% more moisture than cotton, providing a dry sleeping surface that reduces mold and bacteria growth naturally without the use of chemicals. The tasteful and natural clouds feel like silk with just enough padding to keep your baby comfortable while also allowing you to rest easy knowing there’s no dangerous bulk. We stand behind the quality of our product and offer a 10 year warranty.


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