Product Review: Baby’s Brilliant



You know when you’re in the line at the supermarket waiting to check out, and the baby starts getting fussy? You go right to your smartphone to find some music or a video online that will occupy the baby for a few minutes so that you can avoid the distressed looks of those around you. Half the time, though, it takes you forever to find the right thing, and you’re stressed out the whole time you’re looking. Well, there’s this great app that was created by Ulli Coulter, a mother of three, who knows your struggle all too well.  Her app gives you the perfect entertainment without having to search for something your baby will love.

The Baby’s Brilliant app gives you a ton of options for educational and fun videos that use pictures of things that your baby sees in real life and music that stimulates the imagination.  Instead of the regular computer generated cartoons most apps provide, your baby will be looking at things like  animals  and beautiful images of everyday life,  that will stimulate their minds rather than numbing them.  The videos are pretty short, so you can use them while you’re waiting in line or in the car, but you can also make playlists that go for up to 90 minutes. There are options for night lights that include soothing pictures and music to play while the baby goes to sleep.

You use your phone for everything, including your own music and entertainment, and this app helps you care for your baby as well. Start downloading and creating playlists of your baby’s favorites, and never worry about having a fussy baby while you’re running errands, waiting for a table at a restaurant, or just playing with your baby at home. You can make your bonding time more educational and nap time easier and more pleasant. It’s another app that makes your smartphone and your tablet better than ever.

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