How Prenatal Yoga Can Make Your Natural Birth Easier


Muscle Control

For all of your life before you got pregnant, you’ve used your muscles in specific ways and they have become used to those moments. Your muscle memory makes them involuntary at times. This is usually a good thing for your body but, when you give birth, you are dealing with contractions and the urge to bear down that may make you feel like you have no control over your body. Prenatal yoga can change that for you, giving you more control over your muscles and helping you to make your contractions count when you need them to. You can learn how to make your body work for you, so that you’re not resisting the muscle movements that seem foreign to your body.


It’s likely that you’ll take a birthing class before your big day comes around, but when the time comes to actually use what you learned in the weeks just before you give birth, it might all just fall out of your head. Somewhere between your contractions getting closer together and wanting to hit the nurse taking forever to come back with your ice chips, you might remember the breathing that you learned to get through the pain and calm yourself down. Prenatal yoga is a good supplement to your birthing classes. You can do it throughout your pregnancy and take more time to get the breathing down right as well as learn more than just a couple of techniques. You’ll reinforce the whole process and, when it comes time to use it, the breathing that you learn will be more effective.

Be Vigilant

The most important part of your prenatal yoga is not to give up! The poses may not seem natural to you and could even be difficult but you should keep remembering that it will improve your health during pregnancy as well as reduce your strain during your natural birth.


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