How Prenatal Yoga Can Make Your Natural Birth Easier


Happy pregnant women sitting in yoga class in a fitness studioMany women choose to go through birth without any assistance but the people around them cheering them on. This choice can be frightening and the idea of giving birth naturally gets nerve wracking as the time for it comes closer, especially if you’ve heard the stories of others. Still, you believe that it’s worth it to see your baby for the first time as soon as he or she is born with a clear mind and to feel every part of the experience leading up to that moment.

Exercise and Endorphins

If you worked out before your pregnancy, you’ve experienced the wonderful feeling of the endorphins that come with exercise. These same endorphins can be instrumental in training your body to relax when you need it to. Being pregnant can force you to slow down as your body works to create the life growing inside of you. Low impact exercise can give you the endorphins of exercise without causing harm to you or your baby. Also, the poses of prenatal yoga can assist you in working and relaxing the areas of your legs and pelvis that you will use when giving birth.


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